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FOR SALE: Ibanez JS1000 Blue/Black (signed by Joe Satriani) SOLD



FOR SALE: Ibanez JS1000 Blue/Black (signed by Joe Satriani):  $2000.00

Also Available
  • Peavey JSX Head & 412 Cabinet (signed by Joe Satriani):   $3,500.00
  • Boss Looper RC50   $450.00
  • Boss BR800 8trk Recorder   $400.00
  • Mesa/Boogie Stilletto Ace Head   $2,500.00
  • Parker NiteFly SA (red)   $800.00
  • Parker Deluxe Fly (black)   $2,250.00
  • Korg MS2000   $400.00
  • Fender Yngwie Malmsteen USA Strat   $2,250.00


All prices plus postage and handling to the buyer.


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