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Mike De Velta

mikedevelta-guitar-godsMike De Velta

Typically associated with the Blues and Roots movement and acoustic in nature Mike De Velta’s intoxicating compositions and performances are constantly on the move. A rich showcase of modern folk, blues and a hint of the eastern expressed through the shimmering and delightful tones of lap slide, ukulele and acoustic guitars.

Born (1967) and raised in London Mike immigrated to Perth, Australia with his family at the age of thirteen. It was Mike’s sister’s cheap classical guitar which drew him to his first explorations in music.  During his early twenties Mike’s musical journey was deepened after meeting the sensational Indonesian session guitarist Dilli Rihenna in the unlikely Aboriginal township of Roebourne, WA.

Dilli’s approach to learning the guitar was to revolutionise my whole musical experience. His thorough understanding of the mechanics of music and the functions of the guitar inspired me to follow suit.”

The North West town of Karratha proved to be fertile soil in which Mike’s early live experiences could develop into a solid repertoire of early Blues standards. Utilising both Dobro Resonator Guitar and Acoustic Guitar, from time to time he would perform at the Walkington Theatre where he was able to support and learn from a number of significant travelling Australian artists and groups. Still in the North West, by 1999 Mike had formed a partnership with harmonica player Mark Whinnen and a duo called “The Mudcats”was born. The Mudcats developed a solid reputation in the area for performing vibrant Delta and Texas style blues.

Nowadays Mike is currently living near Fremantle, Western Australia, and regularly performs as a solo artist expressing powerful  bluesy vocals and incorporating harmonica (employed in a neck brace), 12 and 6 string guitars, lap steel, ukulele and a stomp box (basically a miked wooden box for a kick drum effect!).

Mike has just self produced his latest album “Frontline” and features on all guitars, lap steel, harmonica, bass, vocals and keyboards. Drums and percussion are eloquently played by Dean Wuksta, an earlier member of the popular Western Australian outfit the Blue Shaddy Band.


  • Bridgetown Blues Festival (2003), (2004), (2005)
  • Invited to play at Live en Aout (Jazz Festival) Noumea, New Caledonia, National TV, Live to air and interviews.(2006)
  • Nannup Folk Festival (2007)(2010)
  • Included in the WAMI compilation CD (2006)
  • Araleun Blues in the Park (2007)
  • Westcoast Blues And Roots Fringe Festival (2007), (2008)
  • Fairbridge Folk Festival (2008)
  • Tracks from the album, “On a Backdrop of Silence” included in ABC documentary for Stateline
  • Played on ABC Radio “The Planet”.
  • Featured artist on BAR 1 CD (Blues and Roots Promotions CD)
  • Played Live in the studio on Perth’s ABC 720 with James Lush’s Breakfast Show (2008) (2011)
  • Included in the Perth Blues Club’s annual Festival of the Fret with  Lindsay Wells, Gerard Maunick, and Mal Eastick.(2008)
  • Played “Yanchep Blues in the Park 2009″ with Bondi Cigars, Indigo Duck, Diamond Dave and the Doo Daddies and more..
  • Shared the stage with  Deborah Conway, Lucky Oceans, Nathan Cavalieri, Vdelli, The Ragabillys, Blue Shaddy, Bondi Cigars, Dave Mann Collective, Ivan Zar, Derrin Nuaendorf, Wolf Mail, The Waifs, Lindsay Wells, Gerard Maunick, Mal Eastick, Lapjaccd, Bonjah, Doc Neeson, Ian Moss.
  • 2011 – Included on the Guitar Gods website.

Am sitting on your YouTube profile listening to stuff I had not heard before, and I am so enthralled by you. You, Sir, are one of the most talented artists I have met to date. It is an honor and a privilege to know you.
Nana Mex

“There are a great bunch of songs on this album and to be honest, I’m just really glad I have a copy of it.” (referring to Frontline)
Nigel Bird, Western Australian Music Industry WAMI

"Feeling stressed & in need of some quality time?
Then don’t go any further than Mike d e Velta’s latest cd “Frontline”.
Mike’s wonderful voice & music will flow over & into you as he sings his beautiful songs. Each song on this cd is very addictive, the more you listen to it the more things you find to love about it. Congratulations Mike & I’m very proud to play your music on my show.
Wendy Rudin, Presenter Spirit FM 91.1

"Mike De Velta’s skiffly vocals over his dobro & ukulele are irresistable. His rickety-tickety pace & frenetic harmonica on ‘Come back baby’ is plain old good time fun”
South Australian Roots and Blues

“Lady Luck – An interesting arrangement & song that someone like Paul Simon would have been proud of. Although probably “labeled” a modern folk/roots love song it had a medieval ballad feel to it for me that really works”.
Bill Dewdney, DJ of Highway 49 Blues 2CCC

"Mike De Velta’s up-tempo ‘Come Back Baby’ features an extremely talented harp player who drives the lively pace of this punchy, rootsy toe-tapper. Spoons, bones or other simple percussion device add a brilliantly primitive under-current to a track featuring rich, clear vocals. His ‘Fifteen Days’ is the least bluesy of all the tracks but is a very tuneful acoustic piece. The slight hollow echo effect on the mike and bluish turnarounds make this an interesting listen."
Steve Barnes, The Blue Note

"A fine acoustic album indeed.Stand out tracks for me in “Fav” order are: 4-9-5-1-2 as well as a couple of nice instrumentals." (Referring to “On a Backdrop of Silence”)
Terry “Tekka”Iredale, DJ of HotFM

"Mike De Velta’s track, 15 Days is the most sophisticated on the disc. A solo acoustic song full of rich jazz harmonies reminding us that the boundary between blues and not blues cannot be easily defined, and perhaps nor should it."
Michael Hardy , CanberraBlues Society

One thing that will make your life complete
Is listening to Mike De Velta
With slide guitar finger style, folk and
Blues from down the delta
With a ukulele, lap guitar he doesn’t need 17 lagers
There’s nothing this man can’t do
He even does Indian ragas
So lay back in the Nannup hall
There’s no need to swelter
Just sit back and listen to a master musician
The legendary Mike De Velta
Peter Capp, Nannup Music Festival WA

Guitar Gods welcome Mike De Velta.

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